A Guy’s Medifast Diet and Food Review With Before and After Pictures

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Here is a quick video with my experiences with Medifast along with some of the food that I have eaten over the last month or so.

A Guy's Medifast Diet and Food Review With Before and After Pictures

Here is a quick video with my experiences with Medifast along with some of the food that I have eaten over the last month or so.


  1. Wildernessways

    Not sure on the bars, I just have one per day just kind of out of habit,
    there are so many different options, I don’t need to repeat. Thanks for the
    kind words. As of today, I am down 34 pounds from when I started 6 1/2
    weeks ago I am down 35 pounds and from 24 percent body fat to just under 17

  2. Wildernessways

    No cheat days, when I eat out, I try to stay as close to a lean and green
    meal as I can and no alcohol while I have been on the diet. However, I do
    eat a handful of nuts, or a sugar free Popsicle, or sugar free jello or
    pudding when I feel the need to have something extra.

  3. I don’t know, I have not heard this anywhere else, ever, never had an issue
    myself. Lost 40 pounds in 2 months, kept working out, did not lose much
    muscle a month later I still have not put any weight back on. Many people
    have a problem regaining weight becaus they go back to their old eating
    habits after a diet like this. That is what made you fat in the first place.

  4. well look up negative effects of soy and i was on the diet and loosing
    weight while i saw an increase in my pectoral region of fat that was barely
    there in the first place

  5. Sorry you had negative effects, but I find it hard to believe that using
    the Medifast program for such a limited amount of time caused your moobs. I
    did some research on soy and the exposures that they were talking about
    seemed massive and longer term.

  6. yea i was surprised also i guess different bodies have different reactions
    I’m not complaining I’ve been off it for a week and they’ve gone away

  7. “n_n” Kick it up with hot sauce!” Thanks for taking the time to post, I am
    about to start Medifast.

  8. Good luck, be strict with it and you will do well.

  9. I’m on day three and feel great, I don’t think I’ve gotten so much
    nutrition before! I was pretty hungry on day one but the food keeps your
    blood sugar so even that it didn’t really bother me. I think this plan is
    definitely a no brainer 😉

  10. Thanks for the feedback, the trick it do it and be really strict while you
    are on it, I have used it again to drop a few pounds that I put back on
    after I finished and have found that is is just not as effective if you do
    it part way. Of the original 45 pounds I lost last spring, I put on about
    5-8 and am working to keep my weight stable under 200 pounds. So far so
    good. I have found the transition off is a critical step.

  11. Your video was VERY inspirational for me! I order my food right after
    watching your video. Would you mind if I placed it on my Medifast Journey
    blog? Thanks!

  12. You are more than welcome to share it in any way that you see fit. It is
    almost a year since I started and I have kept off most of the 45 pounds
    that I lost last Spring. My weight is right around 200 pounds and I am
    doing my darndest to keep it right there. 200 is the number that I use to
    determine if my weight is where I want it. If I go over, time to do
    something, if I am under, I eat dessert 😉 Glad you enjoyed the video. I do
    have a follow up video if you are interested on my channel.

  13. Thank you very much! Pretty funny, you and I are the same age with the same
    weight goals. 200 lbs is my magic number. Currently weighing in at 249.2
    lbs and “A lot” of determination!!! Thanks for the kick in the butt!! 😉
    1st day went well! And you’re right, those eggs aren’t to shabby! Stay well
    and thanks again! I’ll check out your follow up video.

  14. Good luck just stay on the plan an be disciplined, you will be amazed how
    effective the plan is. There will be highs and lows, but stick with it and
    you will get to your goal weight.

  15. I really like your review ..short and sweet to the point …the best! thank

  16. Thank you, I really enjoyed your information.

  17. Marilyn Listander

    Hi I am just restarting medifast. I was wondering after 2 years if you
    have kept your weight off?

  18. Marilyn Listander

    Thanks for the tip.

  19. I’m glad you lost your weight but the diet is not for everyone first
    literally every damn meal is soy soy mimics estrogen so if you’re a guy
    don’t go on this f****** diet and it uses artificial sweeteners that are
    bad for you oh yeah once again don’t have a soy allergy

  20. Marcia Lawhorn

    thank you. down 25 lbs in a month…you are very encouraging!

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