Diabetic Foot Examination

Diabetic Foot Examination

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Diabetic Foot Examination

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Diabetic Foot Examination

Diabetic Foot Examination

Diabetic Foot Examination

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Diabetic Foot Examination

Diabetic Foot Examination

1 - Diabetic Foot Examination 2 - Diabetic Foot Examination 3 - Diabetic Foot Examination
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Diabetic Foot Examination


  1. Is diabetic foot examination considered complete, especially for OSCE,
    PACES or MRCPI clinical, without a lower limbs neurological examination ?
    You examined touch sensation but did not examine vibratory sensation nor
    proprioception. Thank you.

  2. Excellent video, they have helped me

  3. Aidan, you may have noticed that a fair few of your views are actually from
    the ASMR community. If you reshoot/expand your video collection and
    retitle/target them at ASMR viewers i think you would have a large and
    lucrative fan base and

  4. Just so you know these exact videos have been uploaded again by a channel
    that is Arab based. I was looking through the channel to see if they may of
    had uploaded your videos again and it would appear that they have indeed.
    Last time this happen their channel was terminated. The channel is called
    Medico Tube. They have not disabled the ability to post comments either. I
    just wanted to let you know Aidan Blunt.

  5. Thank you blajas8. I’ve taken action now to force them to remove my videos.
    Lets hope Youtube shut them down (and their Facebook). Much obliged.

  6. I wonder… why do diabetics have to look at their feet more so?

  7. Great videos. I can only wish they were longer.

  8. Dude I hate to have to tell you this but some person named, ASMR Addict has
    upload all of your Hollie Berry examination videos into one big file! He or
    she hasn’t disabled the comments so already there are people picking on the
    beautiful blonde being examined in the video and stuff that I know you
    wouldn’t approve of! People who love ASMR just love these types of Physical
    Examination videos but they don’t have the right to upload other people
    uploads! Peace and love dude!

  9. Anymore assessment videos.. ­čÖé

  10. should we test for motor power also?´╗┐

  11. good´╗┐

  12. very clear and concise buy the way she tested the patient’s sensation was
    too rhythmic ´╗┐

  13. I would think that when we deal with diabetic feet we deal with questions
    about function…how do you use your feet…work, run, how often do you
    relax…how many Ours do you stand versus how many hours do you sit….how
    do you care for your feet…etc… A referral is not always the best idea
    because that depends on experience and continous education…so all being
    normal any medical doctor can too care for feet and refer directly to a
    shoe store or specialty store. Yikes even posture… Where do you sit..is
    it a wooden chair or metal and do you clean that…so the quality of a
    persons sit and location and if they have lumbar support and is the chair
    comfortable..and does it have a cushion etc… I find that all relevant
    along with the quality of footwear and socks… Most importantly, don’t sit
    for more than 2 hours and have a place to work siting max 2 hours and
    working the rest of the 6 to 8 hours..that too helps reduce and maintain an
    ideal weight. Do you elevate your feet for 3 minutes like Shakespear
    recommended….did you understand his English? I’m sure he said it…hehe
    Sleeping with a bolters underneath your knees every now and then
    help..time it use it for 3 minutes like Shakespear recommended and well
    kick it off to the side so your dog or cat can elevate their feet

  14. It would be helpful to say what she is looking for.´╗┐

    • +Petr Ruda open sores and hard callouses…they develop faster than usual
      with diabetic feet

    • You also have a lot more nerve problems as diabetes progresses. My
      great-grandmother can’t feel hot or cold sensations. Diabetics also have
      poor circulation in their limbs.

  15. nice´╗┐

  16. this is a great sequence of videos but it is rather unprofessional of the
    doctor to be concerned with the patient’s shoes. I know women love shoes,
    but this is neither the time nor place to admire someone’s shoes.´╗┐

  17. Getting good ASMR off these videos´╗┐

  18. The ASMR is strong with this one´╗┐

  19. what is she saying at 2:28? I listen to this oft because of asmr , but this
    pull me out if relaxation because I start thinking what she says haha´╗┐

  20. ow its good´╗┐

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