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Trump Boasted About Helping 1 American Return From Egypt. He’s Ignoring The Rest.

WASHINGTON Four weeks after loudly celebrating its own role in bringing home an imprisoned American aid worker from Egypt, the Trump White House has taken no steps to engage the families of three other detained Americans. Seventeen-year-old Ahmed Hassan of Pomona, New Jersey, has been held in overcrowded Egyptian facilities with adults since December. Ahmed Etwiy, 26, and Mustafa Kassem, ...

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A Top Trump Official Just Flunked The Jimmy Kimmel Test

Youve heard of the undeserving poor? Get ready for the undeserving sick. LIGHT ForumJimmy Kimmel test funding for special insurance plans, called high-risk pools, that would be available to people unable to get coverage at standard prices because of their medical histories. We have plenty of money to deal with that. We have plenty of money to provide that safety ...

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Four Myths About Diabetes Debunked

The World Health Organisation estimates that the number of people with diabetes is 422m, globally. And between 1980 and 2014 the number of people with the condition almost doubled. Despite the high prevalence of the disease, it is often misunderstood. Here are some common misconceptions about diabetes. 1. Diabetes is purely a disorder of the pancreas Diabetes does affect the ...

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What Your Favorite Kind Of Liquor Says About You

As we all know, what you order at the bar can say a lot about who you are as a person.  Wine drinkers are classy, vodka soda people are probably counting calories, and if you order a Long Island Iced Tea you’re def looking to hide from a troubled past. These are just like, the facts when it comes to ...

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Fast or feast? Study shows alternate-day dieting too difficult to sustain

Participants in US study shown to even out calorie intakes beyond prescribed levels on alternating regime, leaving results barely more effective than daily calorie counting From Beyonc to Benedict Cumberbatch, celebrities have flocked to diets based on intermittent JAMA Internal Medicine, Varady and colleagues from four US institutions described how they recruited 100 overweight or obese participants, 86% of whom ...

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