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The fraught case of elderly people accused of sexually harassing carers

As sexual misconduct makes headlines, caregivers crisis is marked by thorny questions as alleged perpetrators may be infirm, facing dementia, or dying The allegations are familiar. Groping. Lewd comments. Cornering and harassing. Demanding sex. Abusing power. But in this case, the transgressors are not prominent figures in politics, media or entertainment. They are mostly elderly and frail. Some need help ...

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‘Stark increase’ in overweight youngsters

Rates of excess weight varied by nation, with nearly 40% of young people in Northern Ireland obese or overweight compared with 38% in Wales and 35% in both Scotland and England. The levels showed little change up to the age of seven, but then made a big jump in the next four years. At the age of seven, 25.5% of ...

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Sugary drink sales plummeted after price increase, study says

(CNN)From Colombia to South Africa, France to India, governments around the globe are exploring whether taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages might curb obesity rates. Do these fines actually work to prevent people from choosing sweet drinks? Jamie’s Italian, a chain created by celebrity chief Jamie Oliver, launched its own health campaign in September 2015. Along with adding 10 pence (about 13 ...

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Hospitals in chocolate crackdown

‘Obesity epidemic’ In April, NHS England said it would ban sugary drinks if hospital outlets did not cut down on the number they sell. Mr Stevens said the NHS was “stepping up” to combat an issue that was causing “an epidemic of obesity, preventable diabetes, tooth decay, heart disease and cancer”. “In place of calorie-laden, sugary snacks we want to ...

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10+ Of The Worst Design Fails By Crappy Design (New Pics)

Hence, we’re bringing you round 2 of the best (well, technically worst) things people have posted to the “crappy designs” subreddit, though be warned – you may need some time to recover after seeing them. Vote for the ones that made you cringe the hardest, and let us know if you’ve encountered any of these design fails in real life. ...

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Artificial Pancreas Trials To Begin In The U.S.

In the U.S. alone, 1.25 million Americans suffer from type 1 diabetes, a potentially debilitating and life-changing condition. Every year, more and more people are diagnosed, and the only common treatment is regular insulin injections. A research team hoping to revolutionize diabetes treatment has developed an artificial pancreas that automatically detects changing bloodsugar levels and administers insulin automatically, as announced ...

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