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Top five celeb ‘diets to avoid’ in 2018

Image copyright REX/Shutterstock Gwyneth Paltrow, Megan Fox and Sting have all come out in support of a vegan diet of uncooked foods. Image copyright REX/Shutterstock Katie Price has released a range of hydration, breakfast and meal replacement shakes. According to the website, the drinks support muscle tone and maintenance as well as decreasing snacking and cravings. Mrs Porter said: “The ...

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Edited Blood Stem Cells Reverse Type-1 Diabetes In Mice

As an autoimmune disease, type-1 diabetes is caused by the body’s own immune system attacking the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. This has led to attempts to “reboot” the immune system in patients, but has only been met with partial success. Now researchers say they have found out why these earlier attempts may have failed and, more impressively, how it ...

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‘Detox’ from overly processed foods: Why and how to cut back

(CNN)If nutrition headlines catch your attention, you’ve probably heard the advice to eat more fresh, whole foods and consume fewer processed foods. Before you do a pantry or freezer overhaul, keep in mind that “processed” is a very general term. See the latest news and share your comments with CNN Health on Facebook and Twitter.  11. Don’t be fooled by ...

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20 questions you’re too embarrassed to ask about the solar eclipse

Image: ambar del moral/mashable Growing up, my grandmother made bologna sandwiches for me the same way wrinkly Italian grandmas made their “AH-secret AH-pasta sauce” in ’80s television commercials.  Nana told me that she used very “special” ingredients to make her sandwich unique, which I later discovered was just packets of sugar mashed into expired margarine from the back of the ...

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How to break carb cravings, once and for all

(CNN)If you’re like many people I know, the thought of giving up pasta and bread in an effort to shed a few pounds (or more) might seem like an unfair punishment — perhaps even a tease, especially when those foods seem to be on everyone else’s plates. What’s more, eating the “right” kinds of carbs can keep us healthier. See ...

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10+ Of The Worst Design Fails By Crappy Design (New Pics)

Hence, we’re bringing you round 2 of the best (well, technically worst) things people have posted to the “crappy designs” subreddit, though be warned – you may need some time to recover after seeing them. Vote for the ones that made you cringe the hardest, and let us know if you’ve encountered any of these design fails in real life. ...

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