Insulin Resistance

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Donald Trump’s health: What we know so far

(CNN)What the world knows about President Donald Trump’s general health is not much as of now — and what the public learns about his health after a medical exam on Friday might not be much, either. “We’ll only learn what he wants us to know,” said Arthur Caplan, a professor and founding head of the Division of Medical Ethics at ...

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Got the flu? Here’s what leads to recovery

(CNN)Flu season is well underway across the United States. Nationwide, 12 children have died due to flu this season, while a total of 2,485 flu-related hospitalizations — nearly nine for every 100,000 people — have been reported so far. The highest rate of hospitalization was among adults 65 or older, followed by adults between 50 and 64 and then children ...

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A New Year, new food resolution: Cook at home

(CNN)It’s the end of December, which means there’s a good chance you are thinking of ways to live healthier in the new year. Whether you want to drop 10 pounds, improve your cholesterol or have more energy, we have five food-related New Year’s resolutions that will help you achieve your goals. No. 2: Cook at home See the latest news ...

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Puerto Rico To Review Hurricane Death Toll After Undercounting Concerns

The island has reported just 64 storm-related deaths, while independent reviews by media outlets estimate the number to be around 1,000 when comparing deaths on the island from the same time in previous years. Rosselló, in his statement, admitted that the number “may be higher than the official count certified to death.” The Category 4 storm, which made landfall on Sept. 20, knocked out ...

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Ancient Bacterial DNA Could Thwart a Devastating Disease

Hepatitis B affects around 20,000 people per year, according to the CDC. Typically, hepatitis B virus causes severe inflammation of the liver. Symptoms include fatigue, muscle aches, jaundice, abdominal pain, fever, discolored urine, weight loss, and an inability to tolerate fatty foods. Normally, the virus comes and goesbut there are some cases in which the virus stays put and wreaks ...

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New Drug Appears To Eliminate Type 2 Diabetes For First Time

Type 2 diabetes, although influenced by a persons genes, is largely thought to be brought about by a poor diet and being overweight for prolonged periods of time, particularly at an old age. The pancreas is either unable to produce enough insulin, or the bodys cells simply dont react to insulin, which leads to dangerously high blood sugar levels. This ...

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