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Will President Trumps Physical Show That Hes Obese?

Donald Trumps physical will take place Friday, his first as president. Hell be examined by Bornsteins letter (which the though a controversial measure, one that is widely used) rang in at 29.5, which placed him squarely into being considered overweight, and precariously close to being considered obese. Trumps cholesterol was 169 mg/dL, which isnt great but isn't necessarily terrible. His ...

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A New Year, new food resolution: Meatless one day a week

(CNN)It’s the end of December, which means there’s a good chance you are thinking of ways to live healthier in the new year. Whether you want to drop 10 pounds, improve your cholesterol or have more energy, we have five food-related New Year’s resolutions that will help you achieve your goals. No. 2: Cook at home See the latest news ...

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Will Donald Trump Force Me to Kill My Wife?

As The New York Times reported on Nov. 2 about the specter of so-called tax reform, (A Tax Plan for a New Gilded Age), one particularly hardhearted change would eliminate the deduction of medical expenses, which is primarily used by people with serious and chronic illnesses. Hardhearted indeed, a punishment aimedper usual with the Republicansat millions of middle- and lower-class ...

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Boy, 3, died ‘waiting to see doctor’

Midlands Live: Ex-head charged with child sex offences; The search for a new Baggies boss Mr Mohammed said his son was seen by a triage nurse within about 25 minutes last Wednesday but then left in the waiting room “for more than an hour”. “I can feel him. He’s my son… and I know he’s going to go,” he said. ...

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