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10 Frozen Cocktails That Won’t Make You (That) Fat

Even if you’ve destroyed your taste buds enough to actually enjoy drinking vodka sodas, you can’t deny that nothing is more appealing in the summer than a frozen beverage. Theyll cool you down, get you fucked up and they usually come in frighteningly artificial colors which is great for your Instagram. The only problem? A lot of them are ridiculously ...

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Why Big Pharma Is Struggling to Profit From the Obesity Epidemic

In a decades-long struggle to control her weight, Carolyn Mills joined the YMCA many times, signed up for the Jenny Craig diet program and tried fen-phen, the drug combination later found to damage heart valves. As her size yo-yoed down and back up, her health deteriorated. She finally found the answer in a new class of medicines. Now, those drugs and changes ...

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Woody Johnson nominated as US ambassador to Britain

New York Jets-owner, who backed Jeb Bushs campaign prior to endorsing Trump, will require Senate approval before taking up the post Donald Trump will nominate National Football League team owner Woody Johnson as US ambassador to Britain, the White House has said. Johnson, a billionaire investor and owner of the New York Jets, will require Senate confirmation to take up ...

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Diabetes management platform Glooko raises $35 million

Glooko,a startup selling data management healthcare service on top of a device-agnostic platform to make it easier for doctors to remotely monitor patients,has pulled in $35 million Series C funding.It had previously raised $36 million in various rounds, bringing the total up to $71 million. The startup was shy about how many were using the platform last time TechCrunch wrote ...

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Climate Change Could Threaten Up To 2 Billion Refugees By 2100

Charles Geisler, a sociologist at Cornell University, spent much of his career researching where poor people go when rich corporations swoop in and buy the land out from under their feet. But his focus began to shift in 2005, after observing how storm surges tainted farmland in Bangladesh with salt water. Later that year, Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, submerging ...

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Call for free prescriptions for long-term ill – BBC News

Image copyright Getty Images ‘Not right’ Zoe Oakley, a bus driver and mother of two from Poole, is one of thousands of people who would like free medication. Image copyright Getty Images As a result, organisations such as Parkinson’s UK, National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society and Asthma UK say the list of medical exemptions is “unfair” and “out of date”. Neal ...

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