Type 2 Diabetes Diet Articles

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‘I begged doctors for a hysterectomy’

Tissue that behaves like womb lining is found in other bits of the body, causing nasty symptoms. Carrie-Mae blames it for the breakdown of her marriage, a chain of painful miscarriages and the inability to work. Image copyright Carrie-Mae Macmillan Image caption Carrie-Mae after one of her surgeries in hospital Carrie-Mae knew early on she had an issue but felt ...

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The non-alcoholic’s guide to drinking less alcohol

(CNN)If you’re reading this, you may think you drink a little too much, yet you wouldn’t describe yourself as an “alcoholic.” Or maybe you’re a college student who studies hard all week and then downs a six-pack at the first post-exam opportunity. You might celebrate special occasions, like a big birthday or even weekend dinners, with a couple bottles of ...

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Robert Mugabe removed as WHO goodwill ambassador after outcry

World Health Organization chief says he has listened to concerns over appointment of Zimbabwean president The World Health Organization has removed the Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe, as a goodwill ambassador following outrage among donors and rights groups at his appointment. The WHOs director general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who made the appointment at a high-level meeting on non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in ...

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NHS future precarious, says regulator

In its report, the CQC highlighted: Staffing shortages with vacancy rates in the NHS rising by 16% over the last two years despite an increase in staff of 4% Bed shortages in hospitals with occupancy levels being consistently above recommended levels since April 2012 Falling numbers of nursing homes beds – down by 4,000 in two years at a time ...

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Benefits of water: Are you getting enough fluids to stay healthy?

(CNN)Water is known as the elixir of life, with good reason. Every system in your body needs it to survive. “Water regulates our body temperature, keeps our joints lubricated, helps prevent infections and delivers nutrients to our cells,” said registered US dietitian and CNN contributor Lisa Drayer. “Additionally, our kidneys and liver work hard to get rid of toxins in ...

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How the war on drugs fueled the fentanyl crisis | George Karandinos

The campaign to cut off heroin supplies has encouraged the growth of labs producing the opioid. We need to instead embrace a public health approach, writes George Karantinos A staggering by Aids at its peak. Sparked by big pharmas criminal mismarketing of opioid painkillers, the overdose epidemic rages to new heights with the increasing street presence of illicitly manufactured carfentanil, ...

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