Type 2 Diabetes Signs Articles

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Paying mothers can ‘incentivise breastfeeding’

Overall, 46% of all eligible mothers signed up to the scheme and more than 40% claimed at least one voucher. Fiona Sutcliffe, 29, from Sheffield, took part in the scheme with her baby girl. She had considered breastfeeding while she was pregnant but was nervous that a caesarean would make it tricky: “There were definitely times when I was thinking ...

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Want to stop AIDS? Fight inequality

(CNN)In February 2016, the CDC released striking new data projecting that half of black and a quarter of Latino gay and bisexual men in the United States will be diagnosed with HIV in their lifetimes. More concerning is that the meaning of these findings is consistently oversimplified. The difficulty with racial and ethnic health disparities is that they are complex ...

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Cancer Drug Might Be Able To “Melt Away Fat” In Your Arteries

Scientists from the University of Aberdeen say that a drug used to treat breast cancer and diabetes can also “melt away” fat inside arteries. In studies on mice, the scientists found that a single dose of the drug Trodusquemine could reverse the effects of atherosclerosis, a disease that can cause numerous heart problems. The research is published in the journal ...

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Painkiller prescription rates vary widely

Analysis of open prescriptions data reveals: GPs and other prescribers in the North East spent £569.94 per month for every 1,000 of their patients on pregabalin between August 2016 and July 2017. In the same period doctors in London spent just £302.82 per 1,000 patients per month. Between August 2013 and July 2014, spending on prescriptions was £316 per 1,000 ...

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Fitbit has a new partnership to help wearers manage diabetes with the Ionic smartwatch

Fitbit's latest partnership will help people with diabetes use the new Ionic smartwatch to monitor glucose levels.Image: lili sams/mashable Fitbit is looking to expand its health monitoring capabilities beyond just fitness tracking, so the company is teaming up with a major medical device maker to help people manage diabetes directly on their wrists.  Fitbit just announced a new partnership with ...

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