Jeevadhara | Diabetes : causes | Benefits of Navarakizhi | Valiyangadi kashayam – postnatal care

Jeevadhara – episode 47
The word 'Jeevadhara' means the ‘flow of life’ and this program is devoted to finding and enhancing the “flow of life” by seeking out people knowledgeable in Ayurveda- the oldest and most comprehensive healthcare system known to mankind. Jeevadhara introduces experts in the field of natural health care, many of whom living in remote regions and keeping the legacy of this age- old knowledge alive even today.

In this episode of Jeevadhara, know about the causes of diabetes and Ayurveda treatment for it in Kerala. Also know about Abyangam /Navarakizhi trearment benefits, benefits of Valiyangadi kashayam for post-natal care and expert talks on diabetes by Dr. Neelakandan (Seetharam Pharmacy, Thrissur), Dr. D Ramanathan (Seetharam Ayurveda Hospital, Thrissur), Dr. Rosemary Wilson (Kandamkulathy Vydyashala, Mala, Thrissur) and Dr. Rajeev C Warriar (A V N Arogya Ayurveda Hospital, Madurai).

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